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Guestbook for Birmanie 2010
1.fabrice vdh

This is my selection of pictures of my travel in Burma. I hope you will enjoy viewing them as much I enjoyed taking them.

I've been traveling to RANGOON by plane from Bangkok the 15 and I left to MANDALAY by bus the 17. There I directly took the train to MYITKINA.
The travel in train was really great, I was sitting next to a monk and in front of a woman and a men.
At first they seemed a little distant to me, so I was thinking "bad luck it will just be another boring train ride". Then the train started and it was REALLY slloooooowwwwwwwwwww and really bUmPy, I couldn't stay on my seat at some moment and I found this so fun... I think that's when things started to go better, we started to laugh at each new big jump and the monk started to offer me some fruits and I discovered that the women was a teacher speaking English. She was named head of a school in the north and was on her way to her new job. After that the other men paid me a drink and finally they asked me if I could eat chicken just to be sure they could pay me a meal.
Arrived in MYITKINA the 19 I took a small boat to descend the river to BHAMO were I had to register to the local authorities before going to the tourist guest house. All were really very kind and I was invited by some locals in a tea shop to have some drink and food.
I left to KATHA where I had to wait 1 day for the big ferry. There I met a monk who invited me to go with him visiting the villages on the other bank of the river and it was really great. As he was a respected monk I was meeting the chief of each village and was having a drink and some food at their house.
Then I took the big ferry to KYAUKMYAUNG and the travel with the locals was really great. I arrived the 25 at 9PM and as were no Guest house or place for tourists to stay I had to ask the police the permission to sleep in a guest house for locals. The next morning I visited the pottery factory and the peoples there were very kind and showed me all their facilities and shared some food with me.
I took a small bus to SHWEBO and from there I took a bus to MONYWA where I arrived 28 and visited the HPO WIN DAUNG CAVES.
From the 17 to the 28 I didn't see a single tourist!!!
I took a bus for MANDALAY and arrived the 30 then left the 31 to KALAW and took a trek the same day to NYAUNGSHWE where I arrived the 01 June.
There I took some tour on the lake by boat, it was a little to "touristic" for my taste but it was nice. At 12 the guide stopped in a tourist restaurant but I decided to leave to try to find some local place in the local market and all the other tourists left with me. We found a local place there and I had very fun time when we met some local women and I started to distribute pictures. After that when I was leaving they invited me to share some of their food.
I left to TAUNGGYI the 04 then returned to MANDALAY the 05. There I spent some time in and outside the city and returned back to YANGOON the 8 and took my plane the 9 back to Bangkok.

I really enjoyed this travel a lot, the peoples were so nice (it's the place I've been the most invited to eat and drink), there was almost no tourist at this time and they have some awesome pagoda. There was still a lot of place that I wanted to visit but I just didn't had enough time and I had to make choices.
I took 6155 pictures and distributed 300 prints.

Sorry if my English is far from perfect (I speak French), feel free to show me any mistake.
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